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Victoria Powell is a highly experienced athlete and compassionate Personal Trainer who believes in a holistic approach to health/fitness and is inspired to help make a difference for her clients every day. Victoria has always led an active lifestyle by example, and a love for movement and the benefits fitness can have to impact our quality of life. Victoria believes that when our mental wellness is low, fitness and movement greatly change our lives for the better.


Born in Worcester, MA, and growing up in North Haven, CT, Victoria spent her high school years honing her athleticism through competing in soccer, track and field (hurdles/sprints 200/400), saber fencing, and marksmanship. During that period she developed a love and passion for running that has been carried with her into adulthood and her professional career. Victoria is training to one day get the six-star medal (marathon race medal for completing Tokyo, Boston, Chicago, NYC, London, and Berlin).


Additionally, Victoria has served her country with pride in the Army, she initially went to basic training at Ft Jackson and became an artillery specialist and joint fire support. Victoria is uniquely one of the first females to undergo combat training - 1 of 13 females with <500 men. Victoria is certified through the International Sport Sciences Association, the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, and the EZIA ESP program. Victoria studied political science/economics at the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth.

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