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Nantucket is known as the island retreat for the rich and famous, so it may come as a surprise to know there are many local families who struggle to get by on the island due to the high cost of living and other complex factors. Teenagers are especially susceptible to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide due to the long, cold, and dark isolated winter months on a remote island with little to no recreational facilities or activities available outside of school. 

EZIA is spearheading a community health initiative and partnering with local organizations (NHS, B&G club, Fairwinds, NCF, NGC and others) to provide equitable community access to health and fitness for all, at little to no cost for those who qualify. Part of our mission is to give back to the communities that we serve and strengthen their citizenship. And we subscribe to the Positive Coaching Alliance philosophies and methodologies. 


Similar to the Robin Hood effect, each new platinum member that joins our club is contractually obligated to pay annual assessment fees (”Endowment Fund”), In turn, EZIA will subsidize a local island youth’s membership - providing a positive and welcoming community gathering place that fosters individual well-being regardless of financial ability.  


To apply for a scholarship, click the button below.



The application should include a personal statement addressing what health and wellness mean to them, the positive impact of club membership, and specific life and/or career goals that will be achieved with the help of the program. Additionally, students must secure sponsorship from a teacher or coach on their behalf, essentially a character reference that is not a parent. 

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