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Rockne O’Leary, EZIA Athletic Club's newest trainer and Youth Camp Director.

A former college football player turned Peak Performance Coach. From Delaware County Pennsylvania, Coach Rock’s journey in athletics has shaped his passion for guiding athletes to reach their peak potential. Beyond that, he is dedicated to assisting former athletes rediscover their inner strength and reconnect with the athlete within.


Rockne’s philosophy revolves around fostering inner strength and personal connection unlocking the full spectrum of physical and mental capabilities. Rockne's journey began with helping start the Brandywine Youth Clubs (BYC) Young Champions Program, where he taught proper strength training techniques to aspiring athletes. With experience coaching hundreds of young talents in the Glen Mills and West Chester areas.


Rockne has studied some of the most respected coaches in the industry like Darius Gilbert, Dr. Ryan Chow, Dr. Andy Chen, Dr. Ken Clark, Fred Duncan and Derek Hanson and more in addition to shadowing the strength & conditioning programs at Villanova, Drexel, and UPenn. 

RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) 
DSPCC L1 & 2 (Dynamic Sports Performance) 
KBCU L1 & L2 (Kettlebell Coach University) 
Moment Mentorship 
First Principles of Movement Mentorship 
Running Mechanics Professional L1 & L2 


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