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Claudia Pagnozzi-Schwam is an advocate and a teammate at heart, with a mission to help others lead healthier, happier lives. Growing up with life-threatening health conditions, Claudia learned to cherish every day of good health. From a young age, she had to advocate for herself, igniting a deep desire to serve and advocate for others.


Claudia’s childhood was also a tapestry of sports, but when she found rowing, it was a perfect match. What started as a method of healing following a basketball PCL injury evolved into an unparalleled passion: “Rowing was a daily practice of breaking the threshold of what I believed was possible, fueled by my pure love of the sport and support of my exceptional teammates.” Claudia served as Captain of Georgetown Women’s Rowing and Vice President of the Georgetown student-athlete community. 


Upon graduation from Georgetown, Claudia pursued her Master's in Public Health from Yale. Her focus centers on combating the prevalence of chronic diseases in the U.S. by addressing modifiable risk factors, primarily physical activity, nutrition, and social connection. She embodies these values not only in her research but also through her role as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Yale. Claudia works with individuals of diverse ages, fitness levels, and health objectives. She strives to make movement a respite – a place where fitness is fun, failure is accepted, and individuals feel safe and supported in their community: “When these conditions are present, we can reach new heights of physical and mental strength, leading to positive health outcomes.” 




Claudia has experience as a Healthcare Summer Associate at Deloitte, Business Diversity in Inclusion Analyst at Nike, Lead Researcher at Georgetown Medical School’s Community Health Division, National Advisor for Food Allergy Research and Education, and Youth Female Athlete Mentor with Strong Girls United. Claudia is certified through SCW - Group Fitness, ACE - Group Fitness, Schwinn Cycling, and the EZIA ESP Program. She studied Government, Public Health, and Mathematics at Georgetown University and obtained her Master’s in Public Health from Yale University. 

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