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EZIA Athletic Club offers the only “no-worry” annual equipment maintenance program on Nantucket. Which includes a thorough check, maintenance, and proactive troubleshooting on all gym equipment, performed in the off-season by our certified technicians. As well as annual recommendations for updating new equipment items to keep up with trends, and make workouts fun and engaging.

Please thoroughly review the subsequent agreement for further details.


We will visit your home gym every year in the month of February, to do a 10 point quality check and ensure you are making the most of your space and equipment, and recommend some items and enhancements to keep your space clean, safe and engaging.

Including checking all the belts, pedals, stairs, chains and other moving parts, properly lubricating and checking for wear and tear replacement as needed. As well as checking all the cable systems, free weights, bars and benches for proper working conditions free from dangerous wear and tear. We will also oil, and wax cable systems and barbells as needed, and repair or replace any worn or broken items, tighten all lug nuts and bolts. Also checking mirrors and glass for any cracking or potential hazard.

Additionally, we will be available on call in the event anything breaks as equipment eventually does, to be onsite to help troubleshoot and fix any issue with the manufacturers help. A service that is not available anywhere else on the island.

$500 is the annual charge for the maintenance program, and includes the first hour visit and tune up.

Additional time is billed at $150/hr and $50 travel charge per visit as needed.

We charge 15% fee on any parts or equipment ordered

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