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I Am Forever Interview With Isaiah Truyman

Isaiah Truyman may not know a lot about shooting, but he knows plenty about fitness training with elite athletes. He founded EZIA Human Performance in 2009 and has made a career out of training athletes to excel in their sports by focusing on fundamental skills. That’s why he was brought on board to help amateur athletic shooter Reagan Tyler reach a new level. Learn more about Isaiah’s training program on I Am Forever, sponsored by FNH USA.

Sharp: If you could only pick one fitness drill to recommend to athletic shooters, what would it be?

Isaiah Truyman: I think the single most effective drill in terms of time invested relative to benefits returned would be learning to properly execute the Olympic lifts (snatch or clean and jerk). There is much debate about these controversial lifts because if done incorrectly or excessively, they could lead to a repetitive stress injury; basically the same holds true with running or any form of exercise. These lifts are excellent for developing athletes because all the major systems of the body (muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular and neurological) are working together in unison to produce a big force, at the right time, in the right direction. It’s all about building power in the hips. These lifts really train the nervous system primarily, and all other systems of the body take direction from the central nervous system.

S: You’ve tried pretty much every sport out there. Which is your favorite, and why?

IT: Surfing. I love it because it’s always a challenge and adventure. I am an ocean kind of person, so it fits my personality and lifestyle; I love to travel to exotic destinations. It’s also an incredible workout – much more effective and engaging than a treadmill. Just think: Have you ever seen an out of shape surfer? (Hint: they wouldn’t last five minutes.) But most of all it’s tremendously fun and rewarding (and sometimes frustrating and even dangerous – which adds to the fun). It’s also very purifying at times, to be in the ocean, alone with Mother Nature. I believe it is one of the most difficult sports to learn and excel at, but also very gratifying as you improve.

S: You didn’t have much background with guns prior to the show. Was there anything that surprised you about athletic shooting? IT: Yes. I never realized the depth of athletic shooting as a sport; every little thing matters. Heart rate, how smooth you pull the trigger, breathing, body positioning, etc. As an outsider it’s easy to underestimate the skill and awareness required to be a great marksman. Just point and shoot, right? Having been around all of this for a little while now, I’ve developed a great appreciation for the skills and mindset required to become great. Athletic shooting is much more difficult than I realized previously.

S: Running the I Am Forever baseline – what was that like? (Editors note: The baseline is a six-stage course that Reagan ran at the beginning and end of I Am Forever to track her progress. Isaiah ran the baseline on day one as well.) IT: Awesome! Really fun! A little intimidating (only for a second), something I could easily see myself really getting into and taking seriously on a lot of levels. I learned a lot through my mistakes on the course primarily, and am excited to try it again and capitalize on the knowledge gleaned in my first attempt. I could see this becoming a global sport for people who love to challenge themselves and push the limits of their abilities. And I think learning to be safe and comfortable with firearms for self protection is important.

S: Tell us about your favorite moment during filming. IT: I would say overall I have just really enjoyed the entire experience. Training Reagan has been rewarding, as she is a focused and dedicated athlete, which usually spells success. Meeting all the coaches was awesome, to witness them in their elements. The entire process start to finish has been eye opening for me, and the crew has been exceptional. I am excited to see the finished product and hope we get the chance to do it again.


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