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Ezia Surf Training With Ian Walsh

Top ranking big-wave surfer, Ian Walsh does his surf training at EZIA when he’s in town. Professional surfing is extremely competitive and athletes are constantly looking for an edge. Isaiah Truyman runs Ian through a surf-specific workout to better prepare him for the next EPIC swell!

Ian’s customized training program is based on EZIA’s exclusive training program. This system is designed to increase Ian’s surf-specific endurance, strength and power. This particular workout highlights five basic aspects of surfing including; paddling, duck-diving, taking-off, turning and tube riding.

Prone Cobra: This exercise will increase shoulder strength, paddle speed and reduce the risk of shoulder injury. This surf training exercise is done lying on your stomach with your shoulders & elbows extended overhead. Pinch your shoulder blades together as you alternate bringing each hand to your side, the opposite hand is in an isometric hold. If this is too difficult, begin by holding the starting position with hands raised back above your hips for 30-60 seconds. To progress this exercise, lay on a Swiss ball holding light dumbbells in each hand.

Nose-diver push ups: This exercise builds core stability and overall upper-body strength which is crucial for duck diving a giant set! To perform this exercise begin by placing both hands and toes on the floor, hips slightly flexed in a modified push-up position. Lower your shoulders by bending the elbows so your nose almost grazes the floor, shoulder press up and reverse the movement to starting position. If this is too difficult, begin with holding the starting position for 30-60 seconds. To progress this surf training exercise, place your hands on a Bosu or Indo board to add instability and recruit more muscle fibers.

Burpee to Surf-Stance: Increase take-off speed, power and explosiveness, while maintaining mental concentration to land in a proper surf-stance. Begin this exercise by performing a burpee, lay on your stomach, push-up and jump vertically landing in your surf stance. Make sure to get your hips under you quickly and explode into the vertical jump. Concentrate on putting your feet in the right place and landing in a proper surf stance. If this is too difficult, begin with a burpee to body weight squat. To advance this movement use a weighted vest and perform the full burpee to surf-stance.

Medicine Ball PNF: Increase rotational power for performing big bottom turns and strong cut-backs off the lip. Start this exercise in a standing position. Squat down bringing the medicine ball to one foot, use your hips to rotate and explode up bringing the medicine ball across your body to your opposite shoulder. If this is too advanced, drop the medicine ball and go through the whole range of motion with only body weight. To increase difficulty perform the medicine ball PNF while standing on an Indo board.

Indo Board Tube Ride: Ian’s working on his overall balance & awareness that in turn will prepare him for big wave barrel riding. Begin this exercise in a squat-surf stance on an Indo Board. Hold the stance while your partner pulls & pushes you in different directions. If this is too much, begin holding a body weight squat while standing on the Indo Board. To progress this exercise hold a light dumbbell in each hand while maintaining the squat stance during the Indo Board tube ride.

Train like a pro and enhance your game at EZIA!


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