Woodway Treadmills

Among our gym filled with new equipment are two beautiful new Woodway treadmills. Our clients have been loving running sprints and warming up on the slat belt running surface. We believe Woodway treadmills are the finest treadmills and that’s why we chose to include them with the best fitness equipment at EZIA Nantucket.

At Ezia we love using our Woodway treadmills for a variety of purposes including walking for re/pre-hab, general fitness and weight loss running, but our favorite use includes the “Free Belt Mode” combined with incline sprinting to simulate something like a sled push and increase acceleration speed as well as maximum speeds. Our “completely beast mode” high school and college athletes would break a regular treadmill in half with the amount of power they can generate in some of our workouts.  Woodway treadmills are truly a tool for the long haul, and well worth the investment.

Our Amelia Drive location is now open and accepting applications. Contact us today to come in and see what other equipment we have to offer.



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