Vew-Do Zone Balance Boards

vew-do zone

Looking to challenge or improve your balance skills?

Then come on into EZIA Athletic Club to try our Vew-Do Zone Boards! The design of this board is to improve stability, core, strength, and coordination. In 1990, the Vew-Do Zone Board was created in hopes of making a new and more modern balance board. At EZIA all of our surfing and snowboarding clients love using the Zone Board to work on their balancing skills. Shaped like an oval and made of wood, this board is also used with a wooden roller underneath. At EZIA we offer the Vew-Do individual mini 101 wood roller. Balance is the name of the game with this board. This board also has two additional stoppers at the end of each side. Making it more stable for any level of fitness users. To begin, you place the roller under the board and complete the exercise while balancing on it.

Do I need previous experience using the Vew-Do Zone Board?

Absolutely not, here at EZIA we encourage all of our clients of every fitness level to try our Vew-Do Boards. We focus on every kind of movement possible on the board. We teach our clients core, balance, upper and lower body exercises in each program. For instance, beginners using it for the first time will learn how to stand on the board. They also may use the board to do pushups, planks, or poster/stability work. The next challenge is to add more dynamic movements on the board like squats. For our more advanced clients, we add free weights, medicine balls, and other equipment to their program. Some of our clients have worked on slamming a medicine ball to the ground while standing on the board. Others have performed a combination of exercise while maintaining their balance (a squat/curl/press combo). The possibilities are endless with this fun balance board!

Put your balance to the test and try out our Vew-Do Zone Board today! Come over to take a tour and see what other exciting equipment we have to offer. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.

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