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At EZIA we have an entire wall dedicated to therapy tools and equipment. The equipment at EZIA is accessible for all clients. Our goal is to teach all clients how to successfully use the therapy equipment to help their bodies. We encourage everyone to try all of our therapy tools to help decrease muscle soreness and break down fascia tissues that weaken muscles. Here are some of the amazing tools that our wall offers. 
Our therapy wall offers peanut massage rollers, Electric stem machine (E-STIM), five muscle rollers, two next rollers, two Thera canes, to stretch our straps, and to mobility balls. 


Peanut Massage Ball 


The Peanut massage ball is a trigger tool similar to the foam roller. This mobility peanut looks like two lacrosse balls stuck together. The tool helps break down deeper knots that you may be able to reach with a normal foam roller. This tool is perfect for neck and upper back pain.

E-STIM Machine


The electric stim machine is a small device that delivers an electric current through the body. Electric stim or E-STIM machine are an  alternative treatment for pain, muscle fiber recruitment, and functional retraining

Handheld Rollers


On the mobility wall, there are five muscle rollers located on the wall that are our clients enjoy using. The rollers break down fascia and any tight muscles. Furthermore, they get smaller places that can’t be reached with the foam roller and are able to get a deep stretch in certain areas.

Thera Canes


The is equipped with eleven knobs that are designed trigger point massage. As a result of these knobs, they are made to effetely massage tissues deep in the tender muscle to get maximal results.


Stretching Straps 

stretch band


The purpose of you stretch out straps are to help gradually stretch major muscle groups in and safe motion.


Massage Ball


The Thera cane is very similar to this tool. Targeting trigger points in muscles is the design of the massage ball. This type of massage effectively a massage deep tissue that may be an issue. These walls are small enough to get into areas that you may not reach within normal foam roller. Stop on over to EZIA try our all of our exciting therapeutic tools. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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