Thera Cane Equipment

Thera Cane

EZIA Athletic Club offers an entire wall dedicated to therapy tools and equipment. Each piece of equipment that is accessible for all clients. Also, we teach clients how to successfully use each piece of therapy equipment to help their bodies. We encourage everyone to try all of our therapy tools to help decrease muscle soreness and break down fascia tissues that weaken muscles.

We have two blue and black sports trigger point therapy self-massage stick also called a thera cane. This cane is equipped with eleven knobs that are designed trigger point massage. These knobs are effetely massage tissues deep in the tender muscle to get maximal results. Additionally, pointed and rounded massage knobs on the thera cane are designed to mimic a massage therapist’s hands. Our clients love using this thera cane before and after training session!

What Knobs are best for specific muscles?

Thera Cane Knobs

  •   Inner Knobs
    • Action: to reach knots deep in the shoulder and feet
  • Pointed Knobs
    • Action: Stimulates masses fingers for all deep tissues access
  • Two Rounded knows along the base
    • These knobs are used for reaching the lower back
  • Rounded pointed Knobs
    • These knobs stimulate the feeling of pressing your thumb into the muscle you are trying to release pressure from

Stop on over to EZIA try our fun thera cane and see what other therapy equipment we have at EZIA. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.


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