The Silvia Family Testimonial

The Silva’s

This week we are here to tell you all about another outstanding fit family. David and Eliza Silva are two driven and hardworking clients. Silva’s have been coming to the EZIA this past summer, they train together twice a week with our trainers. Also, they frequently bring their two young boys with them when they are able.

Outside of EZIA, the Silva’s are also owners of the Galley Beach. The Galley has been in the Silvia family since 1958. It originally started as the clam shack on Cliffside Beach and has evolved to the fantastic restaurant it is today. The Galley has even named the best place to be married on the east coast on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Both David and Eliza have created an outstanding restaurant loved by the Nantucket community and all who visit the island.

What is it like training the Silvia’s?

It’s a pleasure to see a family training together and having fun pushing themselves and learning new skills. There is no better example for kids than parents who exercise. Both David and Eliza have built up their overall fitness while training at the gym over the last 5 months. The Silvia’s joined EZIA to work on their overall fitness.

Especially, we focused on strength and stability training with this family. David has been coming back from a back injury. At EZIA our trainers have focused on strengthening the muscles around the injury and helping David stay healthy and strong! Eliza also enjoys taking yoga classes! At the club, Eliza works on strength training, explosive movements, and overall stability training. The Silva’s are an amazing family to work with. All of the trainers at EZIA love seeing them push each other and continue to blow their fitness goals out of the water!

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