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Here at EZIA Athletic Club, our goal is to help all clients enhance their quality of life. We focus on teaching each client to enjoy a balanced living and active lifestyle every day. At EZIA we have the pleasure of working with four extraordinary local Nantucket women. We call them our rad mom group, but other locals they are known as Audrey Sterk, Lisa Botticelli, Julie Jordin, and Nicole Marks. These lovely ladies have been training with us for a long time. Twice a week they attend a small group training session with our trainers at EZIA.

Meet the Rad Moms of Nantucket!

Audrey Sterk

Audrey is an interior designer and decorative painter. She creates original works of art for interior spaces. She creates outstanding spaces in both Nantucket and across the globe. Audrey focuses on project conception, collaborating with architects and builders, to sourcing finishes, fixtures, and furnishings for a personal curated interior. Audrey started training with us two years ago and has been steady twice a week client ever since. She has made huge improvements in her personal fitness and condition over the last few years.  Audrey invited a small group of girlfriends to join her workouts too and it has been all about the girl power ever since! Audrey is naturally strong and has great balance. Her areas of focused improvement are in her overall endurance and explosive power.

Lisa Botticelli

Lisa is the co-owner of Botticelli & Pohl Architects P.C. She is an amazing architect that works on many projects such as substantial new houses, renovations of antique houses, and additions on more modest homes. Her projects have been done in Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Lisa is a competitive athlete and individual.  She regularly competes in bike races and groups. Lisa is a tennis player and trains twice a week at EZIA. She also does Pilates and spinning classes on the island as well.  Lisa has naturally deep endurance reserve power. She is very stable on her feet and coordinated in her movements. Her main areas for improvement are strength and power.

Julie Jordan

Julie is the owner of The Garden Design Company on Nantucket. Her beautiful gardens are made to reflect the client’s personalities and lifestyle. Her husband John is also a member of the EZIA Athletic Club and visits the gym frequently for his own training session. Julie is an incredibly powerful individual!  As evidenced by her former track and field career.  Julie is very active in her work. She works out at EZIA’s with her friends to stay in tip-top shape and most importantly have fun.  Julie is a very powerful and strong client. Her main focus tends to be endurance and conditioning.

Nicole Marks

Nicole is the co-owner of Shelter 7. She works with her husband Jason, who is also a member at EZIA Athletic club and visits the gym for his own training session. Nicole does many correlations to architecture for their business. She also likes to be outdoors and staying active. Nicole has done several marathons and enjoys practicing yoga. Also being a former personal trainer herself, she knows first-hand the value of great coaching.  She was invited to join the workouts by her friends and has been in twice a week consistently since then.  Nicole has a masterful control of her body and a great understanding of how to push herself.  Even when she’s testing her limits, she understands the importance of dialing back if something is too much. Nicole is a beast in the gym!

What’s their typical training session like?

For our Rad Mom’s, they start each session by using the foam rollers or other tools on the therapy wall. The goal of this is to get any knots or tight muscles relaxed before their session. Next, our trainers start them with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a conditioning circuit. Later, through the session our Rad Mom’s work on intense circuits that challenge their strength, stability, endurance, and power.

Each of these ladies brings their own amazing dynamic characters to the group. Even though they each have different fitness goals they want to work on. As a result, each push each other to work harder and do the best that they can physically each session. These ladies bring such a contagious positive energy to each session! All of our trainers at EZIA enjoy every session with the Rad Mom’s and we cannot wait to see them crush the rest of their fitness goals!

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