Testimonial Nate Amendola

Nate Amendola

This week we are happy to introduce another outstanding client. Nate Amendola has been training with team EZIA for the last 5 months! He had originally joined the gym to get in shape and ready for his wedding last year. After crushing one workout after another, Nate became obsessed with Team EZIA’s programs. Nate has continued to work with our trainers three times a week and now says that he needs a new wardrobe for his fit physique. He has lost over 20 lbs, gained muscle mass and dramatically enhanced his endurance from day 1. He has now become a fitness junky and continues to work hard and push himself each workout. Nate is also a member of our 30/90 club. This means he is on track to completing 30 workouts and 90 days.

Who is Nate Amendola?

Nate is a lawyer and has opened his own practice in a town called Amendola Law. He strives to represent the individuals of Nantucket. Nate works with a broad range of matters that impact all local business on the island. His practice handles commercial litigation, business transactions, contracts negations and drafting, real estate, and entertainment law. When Nate’s not in the office or the gym, you can find him by the water. He loves saltwater fly fishing and you may find him this summer working as a fishing guide on Nantucket. Nate also enjoys playing squash and spending time with this friends and family on the island.

What are Nates workouts like?

Nate originally came in deconditioned and determined to achieve his fitness goals. His main goal was to lose some weight for his upcoming wedding. During his first few workouts, Nate was tested for our 12 benchmarks. The 12 benchmarks exercise in our ESP program target four endurance, four strength, and four power exercise. Based on his scores for each exercise, our trainers were able to take his data and design a program tailored to help Nate achieve his goals. Nate’s program started at our Intermediate level, our trainers focused on a corrective form, stability, strength, and endurance.

As Nate continued to improve in his strength and endurance, and crush each workout. Our trainers moved him up in our ESP program to the Advanced level. Nate is now completing higher intensity styled workouts. He has been pushing himself to do higher weight, more reps, and more challenging movements. We are all pumped to see how much more he progresses these next few months!

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