Tennis Training with Jennifer Dawson

Today we are doing a tennis specific workout with the ITF World Women’s 45 Singles Champion, Jennifer Dawson. Jen says, “as you get older, the number one thing you have to rely on is your fitness level. Everybody has good technique and a good stroke, but it’s who can last out there on the court. Since I started training at EZIA, I’ve noticed that my fitness has gotten a lot better when I’m playing in matches. I no longer worry about running out of gas. I have the confidence that I’m probably going to be more fit than my opponent and that mindset really helps a lot.”

After a quick warm up, Isaiah is going to take Jen through 5 simple tennis specific exercises:
1. Medicine Ball Overhead Swing and Slam – The first exercise is to improve your serve and your overall power.
2. Depth Jump with a Lateral Shuffle – The second exercise is for reaction timing. You can either work with a partner or cue yourself.
3. V-Sit Medicine Ball Throw – Improve core rotational power for forehand swing by throwing and catching the med ball as fast as you can.
4. Rip Trainer by TRX – Jump as fast as you can, pull on the Rip Trainer to create resistance in your core and hips. This will help you with your backhand movement.
5. Plank – On elbows and toes, reach with opposite hands like you are hitch hiking. Balance an object on your hips, careful not to move them.

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