Rope Training


EZIA Athletic club has several different strength and endurance training equipment like rope training. Our thirty feet long nylon rope training gives each client a total body workout. This workout is usable for any fitness level and will work for all muscle groups. For instance, this training equipment is used for strengthening the arms, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. When using the ropes, the client will be moving in wave, circle, or side to side patterns with each end of the rope in hand.

What else can I get out of rope training?

Along with strength training, the rope training can be beneficial for all clients who are looking to improve their overall 

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Increasing VO2 levels
  • Fat burning
  • Endurance training
  • Gaining lean muscle mass

Come over to take a tour and see what other exciting equipment we have to offer. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.

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