Raw Chocolate, an Amazing Superfood!

Chocolate is the one food out there that most people don’t want to completely give up when they transition to healthy eating. Most people can get to the point where they sacrifice eating their milk chocolate and replace it with dark chocolate instead. Today I’m going to challenge you to take it one step further and try raw chocolate. Raw chocolate has made its way all the way to the top of the superfood list because of its potent antioxidant properties. It has actually been named the highest antioxidant food on the planet. Impressive right?

Raw chocolate commonly comes in the form of cacao nibs, which are cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces. These nibs have a chocolatey flavor but are slightly less sweet than the chocolate you are probably used to eating. That being said, the flavor of the raw chocolate will probably be an acquired taste so don’t give up on them after the first try. Pretty soon you will be popping this superfood into your mouth like candy, because after all that’s what it is… nature’s purest form of candy.

superfood Raw Cocoa

Now that you know what raw chocolate is lets jump into a few of the amazing health benefits this superfood can provide you with.

Raw chocolate is:

• Rich in Antioxidants: Antioxidants are important because they absorb the free radicals that cause damage inside of the body. By absorbing these free radicals the antioxidants protect you against many age related diseases. They even help ward off those wrinkles that everyone tries so hard to prevent from forming.
• One of the Best Sources of Magnesium: Magnesium is a mineral needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies. It helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong and the heart rhythm steady.
• High in PEA: Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a chemical found in cocoa that our body also makes naturally. PEA is produced in the body when we get excited, causing the pulse to quicken, making us feel focused and alert.
• High in Anandamide: Anandamide is a lipid in cacao that is known as the “bliss molecule,” because its natural molecular shape represents that of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Now instead of being “chocolate wasted” the new and improved expression will be “I’m high on chocolate.” Hey, at least its harmless and natural right?
• Other Benefits: Raw chocolate improves cardiovascular health, builds strong bones, is a natural aphrodisiac, elevates your mood and energy and increases longevity.

So let’s get things straight. Raw chocolate can help prevent disease, ward off aging, help us become more focused, feel more excited, increase our sex drive, be more blissful and even help the health of our heart. I don’t know about you but after I finish this post I’m heading to the natural foods store to pick up some of this superfood today! Stay tuned for our next post, which will reveal the number two superfood on the list of the top ten superfoods. Trust me you won’t want to miss out on discovering a food that could truly revolutionize your health.

Until next time eat healthy, move your body and fill your life with bliss!

Nutrition Coach Paige Hilken

paige hilken


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