Natalie’s Physical Therapy Testimonial

ezia physical therapy testimonial

“I had been working out with EZIA for a few months, loving the workouts, the energy and the people! I was completely discouraged when I herniated a disk in my back. I felt the pain shooting down my legs. I was in pain at my desk at work and getting out of bed in the morning was a task in itself. My trainer Oz noticed my pain and was very adamant about me seeing a doctor and taking care of myself. I immediately signed up for Physical Therapy at EZIA and started working with Erin Davis, DPT. All I could think about was what I was missing out on in class. Erin worked hard with the coaches I had been seeing to understand what was going on and what exercises I could and could not do. She was extremely knowledgeable. Within weeks I was not feeling pain in my back, and literally felt like she was a miracle worker! Everyone was so encouraging and friendly, people really cared about how I was feeling, and I felt like I was surrounded by friends supporting me to get through this injury and back to my normal healthy self. I am so thankful for everyone at EZIA.” Natalie Grollnek

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