Power Training with Pete Holman (TRX Rip Trainer) & Isaiah

It was great having our good friend, Pete Holman, creator of the TRX Rip Trainer down to the Human Performance Lab to talk about the importance of power training. Pete and Isaiah each choose their favorite exercise power exercise – for Isaiah it is the Power Snatch and Pete loves the Rip 90° Jump Press.

Power Snatch

1. Start in a dead lift position, wide grip
2. Jump Violently and aggressively. Shrug the bar fully overhead
3. Receive the bar by dropping into an overhead squat, complete the lift by returning to a standing position.

Rip 90° Jump Press

This exercise is about speed, power and agility. It mimics an Olympic-style lift, but it adds a rotational component to challenge your core. It should be performed with max effort each rep while maintaining a wide, stable base and using perfect technique. Be prepared to be gassed after this exercise.

1. Stand with the anchor point to your side. Hold the Rip Trainer at your chest with an overhand grip
2. Jump 90 degrees away from anchor point and aggressively press the bar off your chest
3. Perform for 30 seconds at high speed, rest for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat the circuit on the opposite side

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