Plyometric Box Training

Ezia Nantucket

Are you ready to jump into our new equipment blogs? At EZIA we offer a wide variety of equipment for all of our clients.  We offer several plyometric boxes that come in all different sizes. Each box can be used for multiple exercises that target all areas of the body. Targeting muscles to exert maximum force in short intervals of time is the purpose of using plyo boxes. As a result, this helps the client increase power and explosiveness. Therefore the possibilities are endless with the plyo boxes. Any fitness level is capable of working with plyo boxes!

What are the Plyometrics?

Plyometrics or plyos are terms used for jump training. Jump training exercises are important for enhancing power in the lower and upper body. Because of this, they teach clients explosiveness movements and control of the body. We at EZIA encourage all clients to try jump training in their sessions, even if they start with a step up.

Who can use the plyo boxes?

We like to encourage all of our clients to try our plyo boxes. At EZIA many of our athletes who work on sport specific training. Because athletes love using plyo boxes to help improve their game. The trainers at EZIA push our athletes to train with plyo boxes to prepare for football, track and field, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and many other sports.  Football is a great sport to apply ploy boxes too, many times these athletes need to jump in the air to catch a ball and land on their feet. Because the football player can be more explosive in the vertical jump, they can now absorb more shock when landing. Overall the polymeric jump training is very important for athletes who have any jumping kind of motion in their sports.

What if I’ve never used plyo boxes?

For any beginners or clients at different fitness level can work on many different exercises with polymeric training. The exercises include on box jumps, single leg step ups, squats, and all kinds of another exercise with the plyo boxes. Please stop on by and jump your very own training session to try our plyo boxes! Come over to take a tour and see what other exciting equipment we have to offer. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.

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