The Nutrition Program at EZIA

We are delighted to welcome Briana Vittorini, RDN to our family at EZIA Athletic Club. She is preparing and organizing the advanced nutrition programs at the club which will include DNA and blood testing, meal planning and supplement strategies. Private chef and meal delivery services will also be available to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

More About Briana

Briana Vittorini is a Registered Dietitian, weight-loss specialist and health and wellness expert. Her philosophy includes the idea that lifestyle should be your ultimate medicine. It’s hard to know whether you are making the ‘right’ food choices. The truth is, there’s more than one approach to healthy eating. Briana provides evidence-based foundations upon which you can experiment with your body and choose foods with confidence. She aims to explain, educate, experiment, and empower you to live a healthy life on your terms. Whether your goal is to reduce inflammation, lose weight, or building the endurance to complete an iron man, the key to reaching your health and nutritional goals is to eat food that is wholesome, natural, unprocessed, unrefined, and if possible, locally grown. Briana believes that food and physical activity should forever be your first line of defense for optimum health, and preventing or managing disease.

Briana VittoriniBriana grew up on our very own Nantucket Island. With a lifelong interest in nutrition, Briana attended Simmons College and received her Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Throughout her time in Boston and the surrounding cities she was privileged to work alongside world-renowned Dietitians, Nurses, and Doctors. As the lead dietitian at a physician supervised weight loss clinic, Briana was able to integrate medicine, nutrition, and physical activity to achieve fast, long lasting results from her clients. Her true passion is to guide others to feel healthy, and embrace mental and physical wellbeing through nutrition and exercise.

The EZIA Nutrition Program

  • Your nutrition journey will begin with a twenty-minute discussion with Briana where you will examine your nutritional habits and goals.
  • You will then be asked to fill out an Initial Assessment Form before your first consultation with Briana. This form is used to gain insight into your past medical history, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress related history.
  • The initial consultation is an hour and half and designed to diagnose your current nutritional condition. Briana will then create a personalized nutrition plan that encompasses her holistic approach and your individualized goals.
  • You may then work together weekly in order to continue to integrate food, nutrition, and physical activity. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with Briana on every facet of achieving your goals.


EZIA Nutrition Program

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