NetworkA + Jussi Oksanen: 5 Snowboard Training Tips

NetworkA Feature w/ Jussi Oksanen: 5 Tips For Getting In Shape For Snowboarding Season

Repost from NetworkA:

There was a time when doing any kind of fitness training was frowned upon in snowboarding. Working out is what jocks did, went the thinking. But with the progression of snowboarding being pushed further and further, the demands on riders’ bodies increased and more of them found themselves becoming the dreaded “A” word: Athletes. Jussi Oksanen has been one of the top snowboarders for a long time. The reason for his success and longevity isn’t magic (alright, some of it is magic). Oksanen trains at EZIA Human Performance gym in Carlsbad, California, to be strong and flexible come snowboarding season. Oksanen invited dose host Michaela Eichenbaum to train with him at EZIA and showed us 5 tips for getting in better snowboarding shape this season. Jussi also talks about his part in Burton Snowboards’ [Backcountry] video and his plans for this upcoming season.

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