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Nelson Valencia doesn’t just lead the team at EZIA, he truly embodies the health and fitness lifestyle. With half a decade of personal training experience and an undergraduate degree in nutrition, nelson is a highly regarded coach in the industry and serves as an inspiration to our clients and team members daily.

Nelson’s passion for health and fitness came through his own experience with weight loss, injury prevention, and performance enhancement, having played high school football in the Boston area. Through his journey, he realized the value of diet and exercise in performance and life, both on and off the field.

He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve their goals and find the best version of themselves too. Nelson always brings a positive, fun, and upbeat attitude to every workout. It is important to him that clients feel accomplished after every session, that they enjoy the journey, and that they are continually challenged to new heights. Nelson believes that fitness goals go beyond the walls of the gym and empower clients to continue accelerating their health goals on their own through proper nutrition.

Combining nelson’s extensive knowledge in rehabilitative exercise and his drive to continue growing his knowledge base to support clients, he is currently completing his master's in athletic training.

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