Triathlete Katie Araujo: EZIA Ambassador

Client Name: Katie Araujo
Personal Goal: Improve triathlon race times
Time in EZIA ESP Program: 1 year

ezia triathlon training

About: Katie Araujo is an elite amateur triathlete and is one of our newest EZIA Athlete Ambassadors. She has made huge training improvements with us over the past 6 months (and has been tri training for over 2 years). She was recommended to EZIA from one of her racing friends, who had heard of us from one of his buddies. Word of mouth sure does travel fast now, doesn’t it? Well Katie started to check out our awesome website and was itching for more.

ezia tri training
After her initial EZIA Experience, Performance Coach Rob Wessels wrote Katie a customized program that is scheduled around her triathlon training, personal training once bi-weekly and the 3 additional workout sessions a week where she works out on her own at EZIA and at her gym closer to her house.
In their bimonthly triathlon training sessions, Katie and Rob go over form and function in her future workouts. They breakdown each individual exercise, discuss her current EZIA ESP phase (Endurance, Strength, Power) and how it relates to her racing goals. Coach Wessels creates outstanding program designs which are crafted to hit help individual’s achieve a specific goal.

triathlon training

Katie says “After 7 months and roughly 75 visits to EZIA, I have experienced significant improvements. I feel stronger, faster, more explosive, and I have an extra edge I wasn’t experiencing prior to training at EZIA. EZIA training has affected my active lifestyle and my races and my overall quality of life.”
There has not only been significant progress in the way she feels, but her time in her races has improved. Her 5k race time has substantially dropped 3 minutes from her original pace. Because her programming is unique she is not focused on tracking every number or weight increase as much as how she is feeling overall going into her next race.

ezia triathlon training

Coach Rob Wessels says “Katie is so much fun to work with, her attitude is 100% can do and I love that about her. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who naturally has so much drive and focus, something most of us aren’t blessed with as naturally. For most it takes hard work, for a few this comes easy. Katie has got the best of both worlds and I am happy to play a small roll in her athletic development.”

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To learn more about EZIA and meet some of our incredible coaches, please contact us to schedule a personalized EZIA Experience. We look forward to meeting you… You can also learn more about the EZIA Cycling Club and Racing team by clicking here.

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