James and Tyler Testimonial

James and Tyler Testimonial

Nantucket Swim Team all-stars, Tyler Roethke and James Taafe have been training with EZIA coach Jack. Over the last two years, they have both made drastic drops in their time! They are a dynamic duo in the water and on the training floor! Both James and Tyler are very self-motivated, committed, and hard-working athletes! The guys both were MIAA Boys Division ll State Champs this season!

James is a senior caption for the Nantucket swim team. He is a natural athlete when it comes to swimming. James is an accomplished sailor and canceller for the Nantucket community sailor. He is also caption of the sailing team. James is a hard-working student as well! This year he has been crushing his AP classes and is looking forward to starting college in the fall.

Tyler is a competitive swimmer for Nantucket swim club and high school. He is a USSSA Swim team compactions and individual qualifier. Tyler’s future goals are to swim for a D1 team. His sophomore year he became state champion in 100-meter freestyle. He placed 6th in the 200 Y Freestyle and 7thplace for the 100 Y Fly this year at the New England Swimming 15-18 Group Championship.  Tyler spends his summer in Nantucket as a surf instructor.

What are James and Tyler’s workouts like? 

James and Tyler’s main fitness goals are to make improvements to their Olympic style swimming. Their training sessions are tailored to focuses on swimming specific movements. These movements are explosive arm movies, being able to get off the block, make faster turns faster and power in each stroke and movement. The guys have come in twice a week to train while swimming all year round! They have been working on sports specific strength training and condition. Since James and Tyler do a lot of carnival threshold training in the pool, Jack also focuses on incorporating light cardio.

Coach Jack says, “It has been a pleasure working with Tyler and James. They are both very focused and hard-working student-athletes that have been seeing their results in the pool being directly affected by the sweat they leave in the gym.  It’s been a huge year for both swimmers and another very successful season for the entire Nantucket High Swim Team.  I am very proud of these guys, they always give everything they have in the pool and gym.”

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