Product Review: Jacob’s Ladder for Cardio

Product Review: Jacob’s Ladder

Hey everyone, Erik Johnson here to give you a glimpse at an innovative way to ramp up your cardio sessions to help improve your endurance and coordination all in one. Are you looking for a full body workout that really gets your heart rate going? Want a way to challenge yourself with a machine where you set the pace? Tired of the same old cardio machines at the big box gyms? The Jacob’s Ladder offers a low-impact and rigorous workout for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

jacob's ladder product review

EZIA Coaches and Therapists Love the Jacob’s Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder can be used for training focused on weight loss, rehabilitation, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and endurance. It provides a unique challenge for those looking to switch up their routine or come back from an injury. The machine is designed at a 40-degree angle to help keep the back neutral and engage the core. Climbing the rungs provides a quicker cardio workout than on a treadmill and also has less impact on knees and joints.
Coaches prefer to use the Jacob’s Ladder because it can easily be incorporated into any routine. The ladder is a great way to encourage personal training clients to push themselves to the limit. Set different goals by trying to hit a certain number of rungs for time, or just reach a total time at a steady pace. The ladder requires the clients to condition their total body during the workout, stabilizing themselves as they climb and engaging core musculature. Lastly, clients will build better hand eye coordination as they use the ladder, which translates into many other skills in the gym and in life.

Jacob’s Ladder How-To

To use Jacob’s Ladder, first attach the belt around your waist and set it for your height. This sets the tension for the machine and will assist in setting an adequate pace. Climb onto the ladder and begin stepping from one rung to the next as you set your own pace, using the stationary side handles or the rungs depending on the intensity of your workout. The higher up you move on the ladder, the faster the rungs will move. As you warm up, ramp up the intensity and push yourself to the limit, using the convenient digital display to track your progress. Vary the intensity by doing interval training-interspersing bursts of high intensity work with periods of slower paced recovery. Or test yourself to use the machine for longer periods of time holding a steady pace.

You can also go beast-mode like NHL player Kris Letang, who goes all out for a 30-second period. His best achievement so far is climbing 128 rungs in that short time span, at the end of his workout no less, a superhuman feat that would drain most of us mortals. What is even more unique about utilizing Jacob’s Ladder in this way, is that Kris has now incorporated a way to train power, as well as endurance, a feat that is hard to do on most “cardio” machines.

Check out Jacob’s Ladder next time you’re at EZIA, you won’t be disappointed! – by Erik Johnson

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