Catch Up On ‘I Am Forever’

It has been a great season on ‪#‎IAmForever‬ starring Isaiah Truyman, Reagan Tyler and John Wayne Walding. Here is a list of all the episodes from this last season!

Episode 1 – Reagan’s “Baseline” Test
Episode 2 “Mental Focus” and YOGA
Episode 3 “Center of Gravity” and MMA
Episode 4 “Breathing & Heart Rate” and SWIMMING
Episode 5 “Coordination and Timing” and GOLF
Episode 6 “Confidence” and ROCK CLIMBING
Episode 7 “Mental & Physical Endurance” and MOTOCROSS
Episode 8 “Reaction Time” and SQUASH
Episode 9 “Speed, Agility & Quickness”
Episode 10 “The Final Baseline”

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