How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump: 3 Steps

1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, standing tall, arms over head.

2. Quickly move downward and jump! Explode as high as possible, keep your legs straight in the air when performing the vertical jump.

3. To finish, land softly, bend your knees. Measure the vertical jump height with a vertical pad, or chalk on the wall.


More Information on Increasing Your Vertical Jump

When looking to attain a vertical jump with elusive mammoth height, you need to train appropriately. Long distance running will not only hinder your vertical jump,  it will in fact impede it by reducing your high threshold motor units. So, what is one to do when the goal is more “ups”? Train appropriately with applicable modalities such as loaded closed chain movements, plyometrics, or short term full intensity isometric movements.

Loaded Movements = Increased Strength = Increased Height on Your Vertical Jump

Loaded movements will allow you to become stronger (Back Squat, Front Squat, Olympic Movement Variations) and therefore increase force production. “When it comes to jumping high, the two most important qualities are strength and power (speed-strength). The need for power is self-evident, but few understand that strength is also an important key. Strength is the basis on which power is built. Without a fair amount of strength, power can’t be increased by much as you’ll always be limited by your muscles’ capacity to produce force.” -Christian Thibedaue

Our team of coaches will test your vertical jump height in your EZIA EXPERIENCE as well periodically throughout your power phase. Our members are normally amazed at their vertical jump improvements! This test allows us to determine your baseline power production levels as well as competency to complete complex jumping patterns. All of this information gives us a global understanding of your athletic abilities, power production capabilities, and determination to get some air!

written by Coach Alan Ozdamar
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