The Benefits of Healthy Diet and Exercise

When thinking of a healthy, active lifestyle the main two topics of conversation are diet and exercise. Those who watch television see the infomercials telling you to “get fit fast!” or “lose 7 lbs a week!” Many people, however, do not know the first thing in making those lifestyle changes. One may have the motivation to get off the couch and do a marathon style workout and expect to see results. The only results this person will see is extreme soreness and then most likely become discouraged to move for several days after their workout while experiencing D.O.M.S (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.) The same is true when someone expects to see results within the first few days of eating healthier foods. Eating these healthy foods is great but the body will also detox and these detox symptoms could be… uncomfortable. These two ways of living healthier have very low success rates due to their gung-ho nature. Not to say that exercising and having a balanced healthy diet aren’t great but there are more correct and easier ways to go about making your lifestyle changes.

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First off, when making the changes to a healthy diet and becoming more physically active, consult a medical doctor or physician. When making the life choice to change to a healthy diet and/or exercise program, consistency is key. It takes a large amount of effort and will power to transform change into a habit.  Having a plan and taking baby steps towards progressing to that goal makes those changes a little easier. As examples, decreasing portion size and adding more physical activity to your daily life will indeed help you to lose weight. When I say decrease portion size, I don’t mean eat like a rabbit. I’m saying maybe instead of a full plate, go with ¾ of a plate. Also, when adding physical activities into your daily routine, start off slowly. Everyone has a starting point. Don’t let pride take over your workouts.

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Nutrition is one of the four main pillars here at EZIA Human Performance. By assessing the different areas of your nutritional needs, EZIA can accurately determine what program will be best for you! The nutritional seminars that EZIA offers its clients are fun and informative. While nutrition is an extremely important part of your life inside or outside of EZIA, it is just one of the main pillars. Another pillar is Mindset. In order to fully make that life changing decision to revamp your diet you need the right mindset. Making easy attainable short term goals and positive self-talk are critical to keeping up with anything new, especially a new diet. It’s a good thing that EZIA offers more than just a fun and friendly environment, we offer an energetic and positive staff who believes in you unequivocally.

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The next two pillars at EZIA coincide with your fitness and exercise goals. The first one is Physical Therapy. Whether you’re very healthy and making minor changes to your life or if you’re in dire need of a change, our physical therapists are there to help. Your first appointment will be an EZIA Experience or “EE”. You will be assessed in any and all current/preexisting injuries and imbalances. Depending on the outcome of these tests, you will be given one of six colored EZIA Human Performance wristbands. The first two colored bands may mean you need more physical therapy or some corrective coaching in order to correct some imbalances. The next four colors are when you are able to leave the therapy behind and start working with one of our coaches. This is the fourth and final pillar, Private Coaching, or as many people know it—personal training. Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable and will help tailor an exercise program just for you, if private coaching is the path you want to take. If you like the group setting, EZIA offers group classes throughout the day that function alongside our ESP or Endurance Strength Power workout series.

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When making the life changing decision to have a proper diet and beginning to exercise properly, education is key. Here at EZIA we offer exciting, challenging workouts along with the means to assist your nutritional ideas that will help with your personal transformation with the goal of making you a better you. To get started at EZIA, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


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