The 5 Best Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

As a competitive athlete you have to be creative and find new ways to gain an advantage over the competition. At EZIA we focus on sport specific training, and one of our most popular sports we focus on is golf. While golf is a finesse sport, large amounts of power and torque are required to hit the little white ball hundreds of yards. There are many exercises that can help you to improve your golf game, but here are 5 golf training exercises to get you started.

Before we start a word of advice, if any of these exercises are new or difficult, start by using smaller movements that are less advanced or lower impact. And of course, always begin with a dynamic warm up.

Here are the 5 best golf training exercises…

Single Leg Deadlift: This exercise is to help simulate the approach to the ball whether it’s on the tee or in a sand trap. Stand on one leg and make sure there is a slight bend in the knee. As you bend over for the dead lift keep your back flat and your chest up. Keep the pressure on your heel as you focus on balancing. You will feel a stretch in the back of your leg as you lower down. Squeeze your abdominal muscles to keep your back from rounding. The movements in this exercise are done slowly working on form rather than explosiveness.

Golf Traning single leg deadlift

Lateral Bounds: Gain strength and power for your back swing with weight transitions and hip explosiveness. This is a high impact, advanced exercise and a modification would be to use the Slide Board. With the lateral bounds, place two cones several feet apart. This distance will vary depending on the your ability. Stand in a ready position, use your coiled muscles to explode off the ground reaching for the opposite cone. As you push off your outside leg, swing your arms towards the direction of your jump. Land softly with a bent knee and to catch yourself on your lead leg. Use the momentum of landing to squat down and reach for the cone with the opposite hand of the leg that you landed on. This exercise is done with quick explosive movements one after the other.

golf training

Medicine Ball Rotation Slams: This exercise utilizes the functionality of hip rotation, core stabilization, and upper body coordination to help with the down swing. If this exercise is new, start with a lighter ball or use the cable machine and perform downward chops. Start with your feet about shoulder width just as you would with you golf swing. Bring the ball overhead, rotate hips and slam the ball down so it bounces off the ground and lands at your target. Visualize squashing a bug with your back foot to help bring your hips through and exaggerate the bend in the back knee.

Golf Training med ball rotational slams

Medicine Ball Lateral Rotation Throws: This exercise will help you improve core mobility, overall functional strength and strong follow through. If this movement is new to you, use a lighter medicine ball or the TRX Rip Trainer to train your body to use your core muscles. Hold the medicine ball to your side facing away from the wall or your partner. Keep your chest up, core tight, and face hips forward. Rotate your upper body quickly and explode towards the target. Release the ball chest high and follow through with the rotation.

golf training

Cable Push/Pull: This exercise will help you to work on your upper body, core strength and the coordination. Set the cable arms parallel to the floor and use lighter weights for decreased difficulty. Hold a cable in each hand, pinch shoulder blades together and have a slight bend in your knees. Pull both cables in opposite directions. Once in the ready position slowly pull the cable with your extended arm while simultaneously extending the other arm. Try to focus on keeping your upper body still while just your arms are moving.

Golf Training cable push pull

While these 5 exercises will help improve your golf swing, there are many other movements that will help you in your quest to become a better athlete. Find out about how you can have your custom Golf Training program at EZIA and increase your drive further!

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