Foam Rollers

Through our body, we have soft tissue also known as fascia. When we exercise as tend to break down the tissue fibers in our bodies. When our muscles and fascia begins to break down or become damaged our bodies natural reaction is to form scar tissue. This is how we developed tightness, uncomfortable spots and or knots in the body. How do we fix our fascia and get our body out of this tightness? We implement foam rollers into each workout!


Do you have any muscle tightness or bothersome knots?

At EZIA we have all of our clients use our fantastic foam rollers before and after each training session. The design of the foam roller is to apply pressure to specify points of your body. The goal of the foam rollers is to help muscle in the recovery process and help them reach a “normal” function. This function basically means that the muscles are more elastic and able to perform better. This tool is super simple to use! All you have to do is lay on the ground and used the apply the roller to the tender spot.


What muscles do the roller help?

At EZIA our rollers help all muscles that may need a little work! Our clients love to roll out their legs, calf, IT band, shoulders, latissimus dorsi (lats), and their lower backs. When using the roller, you can apply as much pressure as need, it’s completely up to the user. At EZIA we have several different rollers that each have a different density. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of foam rollers. In our facility we have several different rollers that have different densities,  some are made a touch harder to help get deeper into each muscle that might be tight. We also ones that are softer for areas that are maybe too tender but still need to be rolled out.

Come over to take a tour and see what other exciting equipment we have to offer. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment!

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