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Erin is a seasoned fitness trainer who began as a Bar Method instructor in Seattle circa 2018. Teaching barre on the side of her corporate job was a hobby that soon became a passion and an anchor throughout life events and transformations. Pandemic-era layoffs inspired Erin to pack up and trace her family's roots back to Nantucket, where she once again found grounding and community teaching fitness and subsequently began building a career in personal training. 


Erin has adopted a "move well, be well" philosophy—she believes in functional movement as a powerful foundation to any workout, and as a tool for profound improvements to mental and emotional health (in addition to the physical benefits). Watching client confidence develop with skill and strength drives Erin to take great care and attention to detail when planning a program or class. 


Erin is a Denver native with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Colorado State University. She worked in marketing for 12 years before starting her own consulting firm.

  • B.S., Journalism & Technical Communications

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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