Cable Cross Equipment by FreeMotion at EZIA

cable cross

For every member of the EZIA Athletic Club, we strive to provide the best equipment, programs, and trainers available. One of our fun and efficient machines we use at our Nantucket gym is the FreeMotion EXT Double Cable Cross.

What is a double cable cross machine?

Each machine has two weighted arms that are both adjustable and can move in any plane of motion. The arms have a functional cable attached at the end. These cables allow less restriction on the client’s range of motion. The FreeMotion EXT Double Cable Cross activates a variety of muscle groups in every exercise performed. The machines mimic movement done through sports specific and everyday life activities. These machines are also known as cable crossover machines or more simply, cable machines.

cable cross

Using the Double Cable Cross machine allows our clients to complete a series of full body exercises. These exercises work on increasing strength, stability, and coordination. Because of this, many of our clients who strive to improve their golf game, love using this equipment. When we train golfers, we focus on enhancing the client’s swing, form, core strength, and stability. Therefore strongly believe that the double cable cross machine, specifically the FreeMotion EXT, is one of most dynamic pieces of strength training equipment.

We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact us today to take a tour and see what other equipment we have to offer. We can’t wait to meet you!

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