Concept2 SkiErg (Skiergometer)

Bored of the same old full body workouts? Want to try something new that will challenge your body?

Stop by EZIA Athletic Club to try our Concept2 Skiergometer! Also known as the SkiErg, this machine has a flywheel resistance and electronic motor system that is the same as the Concept2 indoor rower. It allows our clients to be standing on a vertical plane. The SkiErg is made to enhance both strengths and endurance. When used effectively, this machine will activate the upper body, lower body, and core. The SkiErg is built for is a low impact and creates exciting full body workout for anyone of any age or abilities. Cross-Country Skiing, MMA, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Lacrosse, Surfing, Tennis, Triathlons, Volleyball, you name it, this piece of equipment is extremely functional for all kinds of sports and athletes.

How can you control the SkiErg?

Because the machine is very simple to use, our clients love having control of speed and resistance when using this machine. Furthermore, the harder a client pulls on cables the faster the flywheel spins, which creates more resistance. Adjusting the intensity of this workout is very easy. At the bottom of the wheel, there is a spiral damper that allows you to add more or less resistance to the wheel.


What if I have an injury?

The SkiErg is the best low impact exercise machine. It is typically easier on the knees and ankles than other pieces of cardio equipment. This machine is a specific knowledge to help athletes with lower body injuries. This machine allows clients with low body injuries to sit/kneel. This prevents movement in the legs and works on strict core and upper body training. For example, one of our interns is recovering from an ACL injury, she obtained playing sports. She loves using the SkiErg for upper body strength and endurance training. As she progresses through her injury, she will begin to incorporate the lower body with the machine. Above all, at EZIA our clients enjoy this machine for its intense full body workout.

Stop by to try our Concept2 Skiergometer and visit us at our Amelia Dive location. We are now open and accepting applications! Today to take a tour and see what other equipment we have to offer. We can’t wait to meet you!


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