Concept2 Bike Machines at EZIA

At EZIA we offer several low impact machines that push all of our clients to achieve their best workout possible. We especially love the Concept2 bikes, also known as the “BikeErg”. It is a pillar member of our performance monitor machines. This indoor bike operates with the same flywheel as our rower and SkiErg. With its dynamic flywheel, it guarantees riders to use the air resistance to create a smooth and effortless ride.  The rower and SkiErg are very similar to the BikeErg, the client is able to adjust them resonate and make the machine harder or easier to use.

How do the Concept2 Bikes help my fitness?
Using the bike is a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness. It’s designed for either short bursts or long lengths of work in each training session. This amazing and easy way to boost your heart rate and increase your lower body strength too. These bikes are created to have a low impact on your joints. For some people who run, you may experience excessive pounding or impact on your body. If you are looking to increase your overall intensity, some of our clients enjoy taking the next step. They do this by standing on the pedals for periodically or in intervals of time. Our simple to use bikes allow all of our clients to adjust the resistance. They can also put in as much effort or intensity as they wish in each exercise.

Come over to take a spin on our Concept2 Bikes and see what other exciting equipment we have to offer. We are now open and accepting applications at our Amelia Drive location. Contact Ustoday to schedule an appointment.

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