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Cara Perry is an experienced athlete and hard worker. Throughout childhood, she played soccer and became a three-sport varsity athlete competing for her high school's track and field, swim, and soccer teams. Her love of sports brought her to her collegiate athletics career, where she played soccer and ran sprints as a captain of her college's track and field team. She is passionate about wellness and athlete mental health.

Her college athletic career has also introduced her to weight lifting and strength training, which Cara has grown to love. As the captain of her team, she assists with team lifts and helps new athletes learn the ropes. Cara finds that becoming stronger and exercising regularly helps to boost well-being and benefits the mind-body balance. 

Beyond athletics, Cara is a fourth-year student at the University of Maine, studying Environmental Science and Outdoor Recreation. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves spending the school year in the Western Maine mountains. Cara enjoys skiing and snowboarding and loves spending time at Sugarloaf in the winter. In addition to snow sports, Cara takes pleasure in almost all outdoor activities. Whether hiking, biking, swimming, or sailing, you can always find her enjoying active recreation.

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