How to Fly AKA the Broad Jump

There are moments in life that get you so excited you just want to jump! If jumping could be a reaction to good news, why not take that jumping for joy and convert it to a workout? Along with rejoicing and other every day activities, practicing jumps can be a performance enhancer to any athlete regardless of their sport. We have just the right exercise at EZIA to create a workout for all levels while utilizing the art of jumping.  Today we are going to highlight how-to properly jump with a simple technique called broad jumps. Here are three simple steps to follow when learning to broad jump:

Broad jump:

1. Standing tall, arms straight up overhead, feet hip width apart

2. Squat downward, bending the knees and swinging the arms down and back; explode horizontally and jump as far forward as you can

3. Land softly in an athletic position with feet underneath your hips

Broad Jump
Broad Jump
Broad Jump

The key to broad jumps is to use your arms to help you propel yourself forward in an explosive manner. Set a mark and jump there, this is a good exercise to help you measure your gaining success. Or do the broad jumps repeatedly to add more endurance to the workout. An effective cue to keep in mind is to land like a cat, quietly and absorb the landing so you can protect your body from a harsh impact.

Go ahead and get jumping!


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