Brian Sullivan Testimonial

Brian Sullivan

This week was back to tell you all about another one of our rockstar clients, Brian Sullivan also known as Sully. Sully has spent the last 20 years on the island bulling a dynamic career in real estate. He is the owner of Fisher Real Estates on the main street. Sully thrives to find the perfect house for each of his clients no matter the challenge. Sully totally embracing the Nantucket lifestyle! He enjoys taking advantage of all the unique outdoor opportunities like fishing and love helping the local community. However, Sully favor thing to do is spend time with his son Fisher.

Sully’s journey began with EZIA Athletic club two years ago. Sully’s goal was to focus on weight managing and work on general fitness. He visits the gym at least three times a week and gives it all each session. In the beginning, Sully completed our baseline test to find his strengths and weakens. Over next few years, sully has pushed himself as hard as he could. During Sully’s last few sessions, he was put through one of our test-out tests.

This test allows both the trainer and the client to see if they’re ready for the next fitness level. Sully was attempting to test out of our general fitness group and move into our higher sports performance level. Even with his knee injuries, Sully always crushed his test out. He was put through a series of high-intensity interval exercise with less intense rest/recovery time. This test challenges his strength, power, and endurance. Sully was complete 7/10 exercise, which allowed him to enter into our next fitness level!


Overall of his time spent with our team, Sully has successfully lost almost 40 pounds and added lean muscle in its place. Went from completely de-conditioned to full-blown stud with the resting heart rate of a marathon runner. Sully also has more energy than before. Along with the incredible gains Sully has made, his health insurance had improved as well. Sully’s health insurance plan now cost less than before. He gets more coverage due to the overall increase that his workouts have had on his health. Our trainer Stefan mention “Sully never misses a beat. He always wants to work hard every session and always the best attitude”. Sully’s dedication shows how hard work truly pays off in the end.

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