Box Drill How-to

This is Paige Hilken stopping in and bringing you a great drill to add to your workout routine, the box drill. It is simple but effective, and will enhance performance and increase all areas of  athleticism.

The box drill is a great exercise to help you improve your Benchmark, the Pro-Agility Drill. It is for all athletes looking to improve agility, speed, quickness, flexibility, change of direction and body control. It should be practiced in addition to traditional resistance training in order to assist in the transfer of the strength gained in the gym to performance in the athlete’s arena of play. All you need is four cones or any type of markers and you can be one step closer to achieving your maximum athletic potential.

Box Drill How To:
1. Set up 4 cones 5 yards apart in a box pattern
2. Start at the first cone and sprint forward to the second cone
3. Lateral shuffle to the third cone
4. Backpedal to the fourth cone
5. Lateral shuffle back to the first cone to end the drill

Be sure to start out slow until you master the techniques of sprinting, backpedaling and the lateral shuffle. On your sprint keep your upper body relaxed with a slight forward lean in the direction that you are sprinting, keep your elbows bent at 90, and make sure the foot remains in a dorsiflexed position, where the toe is pointing up as your knee drives up and forward. For the lateral shuffle keep your butt dropped down low, your knees bent and your chest high.

Also remember to keep your toes pointing forward at all times and be sure not to drag your feet as you shuffle. When you backpedal you want to keep your hips low, your nose over your toes and lead with your elbows. Keep your feet low to the ground for optimal speed and technique. Once you master the technique, this drill should be completed at high intensity in order to make maximal gains in your agility. If you want to make the drill a little bit more exciting have a friend or teammate do it as well and compete against each other for the best time.

Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness edited by Lee E. Brown, Vance Ferrigno

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