Aline Insoles Orthotics

You may have seen a new piece of equipment in the Physical Therapy room over the past couple of months and wondered what the contraption is for. The Aline Insoles system uses body kinetics and state of the art technology to properly align your foot with the symmetry with your body. Aline insoles are used by many professional athletes including many X-Games competitors… we will be up at X-Games Los Angeles this week fitting athletes!

Being “sized” for Aline insoles is as much fun as putting your Aline adjusted shoes on for the first time. The Aline measurement tool has made a significant difference in identifying muscular deficits as well as correcting the alignment issue of the foot.

aline insoles orthotics


“Now I can wear my favorite shoes that I had retired because of my Achilles pain”, was how EZIA Physical Therapy Patient Dan Ramos described his results due to wearing his corrective alignment insert. Dan has been wearing the insoles for over a month now and has noticed a huge difference in foot stability and pain relief in his arches as well as his Achilles.

The Aline Solution:

The problem with standard inserts is that they are like band-aids. They address the area of pain and correct only a portion of the problem without coming up with a solution. The measurement for some standard orthotics have you lay down to be get casted and are VERY expensive. How can you identify the weak points of the foot without being weight bearing?

The Science:

So how does Aline work to help correct my alignment? Your foot bone is connected to your knee bone and your knee bone is connected to the hip bone. Ring a bell? That catchy nursery rhyme was just trying to teach you about hip mechanics. If the foot is out of symmetry it will place undue stress on the knee which then affects hip mechanics. Think of your body like the building blocks in the game Jenga. After removing the blocks from the structure, it begins to wobble. Eventually, the removal of one support beam causes everything to collapse. The foundation that was unstable is the same correlation with the foot. The main principle behind Aline is to line up bone surfaces to be congruent with one another to prevent additional stress. As a result of proper symmetry in the body, Alines insoles reduces the chance of injury and allows you to properly strengthen muscle areas without compromising other structures.


The EZIA therapy team has a specific formula when measuring a custom pair of orthotics. Corrections that we have seen come up are:

Lack of ankle mobility/abnormal lower extremity mechanics

Knee pain due to poor alignment of the hips, feet, or knees

Weak hip stabilizers causing compensation in the feet and knees

Fallen arches causing abnormal stress to the knee and hip joints

Lack of proper arch support in workout shoe

The EZIA Therapy team has seen success in dozens of members and non-members. If you think Aline Insoles could help you, 30 minute appointments are available and can be scheduled at the front desk. Questions? Email and we will “point you in the right direction”.


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