Airex Pad Product Review and Exercises

Do you have a wobble in your step? EZIA Human Performance has the ability to train you to be more stable and not wobble, unless you’re on the dance floor of course! At EZIA, we have selected the best pieces of training equipment in the industry that will help our members reach their goals. You can find all of our favorite equipment that is “EZIA Approved” on our online store. One of these products is the Airex Pad, a rectangular piece of foam that is used for balance, stability and mobility exercises. Every individual, no matter their age, can benefit from training on the Airex Pad.

When an individual is standing on the pad, they must maintain balance by using proprioception of their ankle joint position. This proprioception is using sensory afferent information in a reflex loop to keep balance which is basically the information from your joint about its position on the pad going to the brain for interpretation and then the brain sending efferent information back to the joint about how it needs to reposition itself to maintain balance. “As afferent pathways are strengthened and a coordinated response is generated, reflex loops are established and dynamic stability improves” (Stanek et al., 2013). This neuromuscular control is crucial for young athletes for quick movements, injury prevention to joints and ligaments as well as reducing the risk of falling in the older population. Here are a few of our favorite exercises using the Airex Pad.

Lunge airex pad

The Lunge: Starting with one foot on the Airex pad, step back in the lunge position with the opposite leg. Make sure to keep head and chest up with back straight. The knee of the front leg should be directly above the toes, not in front or behind. For beginners using the Airex Pad it is recommended to attempt it without weight first, to ensure balance is attained. Once comfortable weight can be added.

Crawl airex pad exercise

Crawls: Starting in the push-up position to the side of the Airex Pad, place hands directly under the shoulders, back straight and feet directly behind. While holding this position cross the right arm in front of the left hand and place on pad. Return to starting position. This movement will increase strength in upper body and core.

Airex exercise single leg squat

Single Leg Squat: This is a lower body and core workout. This activity can be tricky on a flat surface so adding the Airex Pad will only increase the difficulty. As stated before, it will require more muscles to react quickly to keep your body balanced. To perform this exercise step with one foot onto the center of the pad. Keep the left leg slightly bent and must not touch the floor as you lower your body by bending your right leg. Try to keep the knee stable and aligned with the toes.


These are just a few examples of exercises capable of being used with the Airex Pad. Just remember that the more unstable the movement is, the more you are requiring these neuromuscular pathways to work to keep your body in position. Therefore, gains in muscle strength and joint stability will be much greater. Now get out there, pick one up on our online store and wobble!


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