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Thank you to the Samuel Owen Gallery for donating the Shepard Fairy artwork to raise awareness and funds for the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club, who recently opened a spectacular new facility with indoor basketball courts benefiting the children of Nantucket.

We also have a passion for helping kids to become their best through being focused on academics and sports. We recognized the need for additional athletic facilities on Nantucket and have the opportunity to create them. I.E Our 8,000 square foot fitness center, the swimming pools, astro-turf athletic field, squash courts, and golf simulators… all of which will be new and unique facilities here on Nantucket.

When kids grow up, we realize there are very few universal truths in life. One unequivocal truth in the health club industry is the theory of “progressive overload”. The idea that the only real lasting and meaningful improvements in life come from many little positive steps every day that lead to big changes down the road in the future.

The story of Milo illustrates this theory perfectly. In Athens before the 1st Olympics, the coliseum was being built. Milo was a young boy who walked around the construction site every day on his way to and from work, while carrying a small calf on his shoulders for milk. Years later at the opening ceremony of the 1st Olympic games, Milo walked around the new coliseum as a man, carrying a full-grown bull.
This concept applies very well in a school system. Where a great strength & conditioning coach will improve every athlete and every team, thus the entire school system itself. It also applies to a place like Nantucket, where the right club can touch every aspect of the community and help make the entire island a better place. Personally, I think it’s about time that Nantucket, which has the best of everything from restaurants to beaches, had a first class athletic club of its own!

Our mission has always been to help improve the life of every individual family member. I have spent my lifetime working with people across all ability levels, from young to old, and from beginner to advance. We offer something for everyone. For kids and athletes, there are sports specific training, therapy and nutrition programs. With sports clinics and camps for golf, tennis, squash, lacrosse, hockey, football, soccer, run/bike/swim camps and even tutoring for school, and daycare.

For adults who want to be healthy, pain free and competitive, or sometimes just relax by the pool. The Spa, Juice Bar and Fitness Center are managed by an expert team of Doctors, Therapists, Dieticians, Nurses, Chefs, Yoga & Pilates instructors who actually “work together” to deliver the best possible results in the least amount of time.

I am very humbled and grateful to get to be a part of what I feel is a real meaningful project. After many years of hard work, and with all of your support, it brings me such great satisfaction to see it unfolding. And I know we will become a shining beacon for good in the community.

As you know “team work makes the dream work”. I could not build this club by myself. I want to thank the broader community for such positive support and acceptance here on the island. I want to thank the founding members for joining – without your support; this club would not be possible. And I would like to thank the staff and partners. All of these passionate people are going the extra mile to help create the highest quality club possible.

So let’s get this club built!!! The clubhouse with full service amenities is scheduled to start construction this fall. Charter Memberships are being offered at a reduced rate on a first come first serve basis for a limited time. If you are interested in joining, please complete an application and return it to us.

We are a handful of memberships away from putting a shovel in the ground and having this club ready to use. In order to start construction this fall, we need you to join the club and show your support for health and athletics as a top priority on Nantucket.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you for years to come.

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