30 Workouts in 90 Days

Frequency is a pillar of success in health and fitness.  Without enough consistency, even the best efforts and intentions will not yield significant results.

Our member fitness challenge is based on years of anecdotal and formal industry research that has shown the enormous difference in success rates between people who exercise 6x a month or less (not enough commitment to see real results, as a result huge failure rates) and those who exercise 8-10x a month or more (with this kind of time invested the likely hood for success is much higher, because the ROI works and is motivating).

Step 1 to having a solid plan for yourself is to make a commitment you can realistically stick to – with a defined start and end point. We all have the same amount of time.  Prioritizing 2.5 hours a week for your health is equally challenging for everyone, but those who figure out a way reap the benefits for themselves.  So challenge yourself to 30 workouts in 90 days and see what kind of progress you can make…


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